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ORIGIN Beyond+ Multi Zirconia

ORIGIN Beyond+ Multi Zirconia - Flyer


ORIGIN Beyond Plus Zirconia

ORIGIN Beyond Plus Zirconia - Flyer

ORIGIN Beyond Plus Zirconia - Brochure


ORIGIN Beyond Zirconia

ORIGIN Beyond Zirconia - Flyer


Chroma: Zirconia Coloring System

Chroma: Instructions for Use

Chroma: 3D Master Shades - Flyer


Origin Zirconia: Sintering Instructions

Origin Beyond+ Multi - Sintering Instructions

Origin Beyond+ Mono - Sintering Instructions

Coloring & Sintering Instructions for Beyond (Version 6.0) & Beyond Plus (Version 6.1)

ORIGIN LIVE (Version 4.1) - Sintering Temperature


DuoTron - Oven Calibration Chart



YZ Zirconia and Scientific Facts

Zirconia - Advantages at a Glance

Zirconia - Avoid Distressing Accidents

Esthetics with Zirconia

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Zirconia

Getting Hooked on Zirconia

(Comparison) Lifttime of Alumina and Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Zirconia - Material for Allergy Patients

Zirconia Crown vs Alumina Crown

Zirconia Based Ceramics - Material Properties, Esthetics, and Layering Techniques of a New Veneering

Boston University Study - Microwave vs. Conventional - Flexural Strength

Effect of Zirconia Surface Treatment on the Shear Strength of Zirconia, Veneering Ceramics Composite

Flexural Strength of Veneering Ceramics for Zirconia

All-Ceramic - Chairside Preparation Guide for IPS Empress® and IPS e.max®

Effect of Thermal Misfit between Different Veneering Ceramics and Zirconia Frameworks on in vitro Fr


ORIGIN NobleTITAN & Titanium

ORIGIN NobleTITAN Physical Properties

Titanium - Advantages at a Glance

Prospective Observation of CAD/CAM Titanium Ceramic Single Crowns: A Three Year Follow Up

Titanium Application in Dentistry


Porcelain Systems

Zirconia - Avoid Distressing Accidents

Prospective Observation of CAD/CAM Titanium Ceramic Single Crowns: A Three Year Follow Up

Titanium Application in Dentistry

Artimax Articulators

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