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A Message from B&D Dental Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


B&D Dental has been monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely to ensure we meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Our zirconia, color liquids and articulators are manufactured in Utah. Production and shipping are back to normal.

Pre-shaded Multi with Smart Incisal


  Multi Chroma, Higher Translucency in the Incisal Area and Blue Incisal Enhancer Features Incorporated Into One Disc.

  Anterior Translucency* (48%, STML)

  Maximum Strength (>1200 MPa*)

Full Strength, Super Translucency


Ideal for Both Anterior & Posterior


Beyond + Multi-layered discs have More Intense chroma in the cervical AND decreasing chroma towards the incisal area , offering the most efficient production speed combined with the natural look found in the shade tab. Each disc will give you the exact shade after simply milling and sintering. In addition, the incisal blue gray effect has been incorporated on the top 1/3 area of the disc to reduce the white L* value and Present the natural tooth blueish grayish translucency.

*Click here for details. Patent No. US 10,426,583   US 10,463,457   US 10,238,473  US 9,649,179   US 9,668,837   US 8,936,848


“It would be impossible for me to achieve the high quality prosthetics I demand without Origin Beyond Plus Zirconia and Chroma Color Liquids! The color accuracy and consistency save me time and the materials are so easy to work with. I highly recommend the Origin products to my colleagues!”

Luke Kahng, President, LSK121

• Ultra Translucency (50%) on Incisal

• High Strength (>1100 MPa) at Cervical

Patent No. US 10,426,583   US 10,463,457   US 10,238,473   US 9,649,179   US 8,936,848

Multi Translucency, Multi Strength, Multi Chroma Zirconia

Aesthetic 4YS material This new generation 4YS based material offers better esthetic results (47% translucency) than conventional 3YS material.

Efficiency 16 pre-shaded mono zirconia discs that match VITA classic shades. It provides homogeneous color throughout the entire blank. No coloring or staining is needed. This glaze-and-go material provides consistent results with simple steps.

Cost-Efficient This aesthetic and consistent material offers simple and cost efficient processing without compromising restoration quality.

Patent No. US 10,463,457

Simple & Cost-Efficient 16 Pre-shaded Mono Zirconia

**Click here for details. Patent No. US 10,463,457

B&D Dental Technologies offers a uniquely universal zirconia that delivers on the promise of beauty and strength. Beyond Plus™ is more than a true replacement for lithium disilicate. It is stronger with equal or better aesthetics.


Dentists no longer have to compromise strength for beauty.

Their choice has been simplified.

Labs benefit from a dense material that allows them to reproduce a sharp margin while still milling the 98mm zirconia disc easily (due to deliberate pre-sintering parameters).

The Perfect Culmination of Translucency & Strength,

Beyond Plus Zirconia is in a Class of It's Own.

The True Next Generation High Performance Zirconia


  Strongest Anterior (>1250 MPa**)

  Most Translucent Posterior (>48%)

  Eliminates Graying on Lighter Shades

Accuracy Due to a proprietary wet isostatic process, an advanced type of colloidal method, ORIGIN zirconia offers superior accuracy and dependable strength for long span bridges.

Strength 3YS zirconia is the strongest zirconia material due to excellent transformation toughening properties. With its high strength of over 1,300 MPa there are no restrictions  in its indications.

Aesthetics Live zirconia has shown the highest translucency performance in its class since its inception in 2010.  From single to large unit bridges, Live zirconia can be an excellent choice especially when combined with the ORIGIN Chroma coloring liquid system.

Your Choice for Strength & Aesthetics for Long Span Bridges

Replace Lithium Disilicate with the Ideal Translucency & Strength of

Origin Beyond Zirconia


• Optimized microstructure provides higher translucency

• Significant flexural strength, in excess of 700 MPa

Patent No. US 10,463,457

Anterior & Posterior, Full Contour

Zirconia Coloring System with custom liquid for enhanced incisal effect.

Organize your coloring liquids with ChromaJars



Quick Mode: Single Copings or Small Bridges (3 to 4 Unit Bridges)

Regular Mode: Large Bridge Cases or 4 Unit Bridge Cases with Large Pontics

Full Contour Mode: Full Contour Zirconia Sintering at an Increased Temperature

Custom Mode: Create Your Own Sintering Cycles to Fulfill All Your Zirconia Need

Beyond+ Multi

Beyond+ Mono

Beyond+ Hybrid



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