Origin® Live™

Strength & aesthetics for long span bridges

• High translucency full contour (46%)

• Maximum Strength (>1300 MPa)

Zr Type

Flexural Strength

Translucency (600nm, 1.0mm)


Available Shades


Beyond + Mono

>1300 MPa


Single Units to Large Unit Bridges

Color Liquids V4.1

10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 25, 28


Due to a proprietary wet isostatic process, an advanced type of colloidal method, ORIGIN zirconia offers superior accuracy and dependable strength for long span bridges.


3YS zirconia is the strongest zirconia material due to excellent transformation toughening properties. With its high strength of over 1,300 MPa there are no restrictions  in its indications.


Live zirconia has shown the highest translucency performance in its class since its inception in 2010.  From single to large unit bridges, Live zirconia can be an excellent choice especially when combined with the ORIGIN Chroma coloring liquid system.