Origin® Beyond Plus™​

The perfect culmination of translucency and strength, Beyond Plus Zirconia is in a class of its own.

• Anterior translucency (>48%)

• Maximum Strength (>1250 MPa*)

Zr Type

Flexural Strength

Translucency (600nm, 1.0mm)


Available Shades


Beyond Plus

>1250 MPa


Single Units to

Full Arch Restorations

Color Liquids


10, 12, 14,

16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30

Patent No. US 10,463,457 US 10,799,327 US 10,799,328 US 11,051,916

B&D Dental Technologies offers a uniquely universal zirconia that delivers on the promise of beauty and strength. Beyond Plus ™ is more than a true replacement for lithium disilicate such as **e.max®. It is stronger with equal or better aesthetics.

Eliminates Graying on Lighter Shades

Labs benefit from a dense material that allows them to reproduce a sharp margin while still milling the zirconia easily (due to deliberate pre-sintering parameters).

Make it simple for your dentist

No need to compromise!