Origin Zirconia Disc Products

Here is the complete collection of the different Origin Zirconia products we sell.


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Zirconia Disc Comparison Chart

Origin® Live™

Strength & aesthetics for long span bridges

• High translucency full contour (46%)

• Maximum Strength (>1300 MPa)

Origin® Beyond™​

Highest Translucency

• Maximum translucency (50%)

• Full Contour (>700 MPa)

Paten No. US 10,463,457

Origin® Beyond Plus™

The perfect culmination of translucency and strength, Beyond Plus Zirconia is in a class of its own.

• Anterior translucency (>48%)

• Maximum Strength (>1250 MPa*)

Patent No. US 10,463,457

Origin® Beyond+ Multi-Y™

Pre-shaded Multi with Smart Incisal

• Anterior Translucency (>50%) at Incisal

• Maximum Strength (>1200 MPa) at Cervial

Patent No. US 10,426,583  US 10,238,473  US 9,649,179  US 9,668,837  US 8,936,848

Origin® Beyond+ Hybrid™

Multi Translucency, Multi Strength, Multi Chroma Zirconia

• Ultra translucency (50%) at Incisal

• High Strength (>1100 MPa) at Cervical

Patent No. US 10,426,583   US 10,238,473   US 9,649,179   US 8,936,848

Origin® Beyond+ Mono™

Simple and Cost-Efficient 16 Pre-shaded Mono Zirconia

• Ultra Translucency (>47%)

• High Strength (>1200 MPa)

Patent No. US 10,463,457