Tray Base

Crowns & Bridges are Dimensionally more Accurate on a Zero-expansion, Polymer Base


• True Accuracy

• Fast, Easy & Simple Model Creation

• Efficiency

• Excellent Die Stability

• Easy to Handle

• Easy Pin Tip Access

TruBase - Artimax Dental Articulators

TruBase - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsTrue Accuracy


• The 0% expansion high quality Polymer base offers the most accurate foundation for the working model

(Virtually all stone base material expands between 0.02 to 0.2% in total volume of linear and vertical growth, thus pulling the model apart for up to 4 days while setting)

• Pins are always accurately registered on their original location, not being affected by dimensional distortion caused by stone expansion

• Protects your model /dies from possible vertical misalignment, thus greatly reducing the possibility of high occlusion & contact problems


TruBase - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFast, Easy & Simple Model Creation


• Streamlined model making process - less steps and less time than conventional methods

• No pin drilling or gluing & No stone base pour

• Open pallet design - drastically reduces trimming time for lingual side




• Light weight - less stress on the ceramists’ hands & reduced shipping costs

• Unobstructed lingual view of the model

• The alignment pin / pinhole locater allows precise pinhole selection


Excellent Die Stability


• Ideal foundation for Bridges and Implant cases - High-impact polymer base offers strong wear resistance and ensures zero pinhole chipping, unlike stone base systems

• Tapered stability rail on the tray bed floor increases retention and ensures there is no rotation or vertical movement of the working die

• Smaller diameter pins - 25% smaller in diameter than medium brass pins, a perfect solution for even small anterior teeth


Easy to Handle


• Magnetically connects to Semi-adjustable / Metal articulators

• Magnet use is optional for those already using a magnet plate with the articulator


Easy Pin Tip Access


• Push up on the bottom of the pin tip to easily remove the dies

• The degree of snugness/friction between the pins and pinholes can be controlled by how deeply the pins are seated initially


TruBase - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsTruBase - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsTruBase - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsTruBase - Artimax Dental Articulators


Tray Base Colors


• Transparent Blue, Clear, White

1Tray Base



5Die Stability

3Fast, Easy & Simple

6Easy To Handle

7Pin Tip Access


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