Quadrant Tray

Quadrant Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFollow the proven success for much reduced chairtime/remakes with no extra cost


• 3 different types of trays customized to your die stone linear expansion rate

• Polymer base... Zero expansion model base: Far less interproximal contact problems & High Occlusion problems

• Superior accuracy

• Fast, Simple, Easy, Efficient & Versatile

• Patented pin hole covering methods


U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,147,465, 6,948,932 and Patents Pending

Quadrant Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsCustomized for YOU... 3 types* of trays

Choose your version based on...


• Your die stone expansion rate

• Ceramists’ preference

• Model technician’s preference

• Whether you have contact problems

• Patented pin hole covering methods


Choose whatever type of stone best suits your lab and Artimax will do the rest.  With 3 choices of trays you are sure to find complete compatibility.


Articulator TrayDie Stone ExpansionLowMediumHigh Wall typeWall-less 1Wall-less 2Main BenefitsMaximum retention & die stability. Comparatively easier for beginnersEasier confirmation of complete die seating. Recommended for high expansion stonesRecommended for labs experiencing contact problems consistently

* All 3 types of articulators are currently available in clear and blue

Technique Guide: Takes only 5 minutes per case. Everything you need is already built into Artimax articulator

Quadrant Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators


Pour the opposing side first. This will help stabilize the impression position on the tray.

Quadrant Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators


Mark the center of the prepped tooth on the impression and then on the working tray.

Quadrant Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators


Insert the pin into the marked pin holes, puncturing the membrane that covers the pin holes

Quadrant Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators


Pour the die stone onto the working tray and invert over the impression. Let the stone set.

Quadrant Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators


Finished model in 5 minutes!

1Quadrant Tray

2Customized For You

3Technique Guide

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