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Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFollow the proven success for much reduced chairtime/remakes with no extra cost


• The ideal solution for your double bite Full Arch impressions

• Polymer base... Zero expansion model base: Far less interproximal contact problems & High Occlusion problems

• Smaller diameter silver pins ideal for anterior teeth

• Natural protrusive hinge motion with ideally rigid lateral movement

• Zirconia pin for Refractory die fabrication


U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,147,465, 6,948,932 and Patents Pending

Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators14421. Accuracy


• The 0% expansion high quality Polymer base offers the most accurate foundation for the working model (Virtually all stone base material expands between 0.02 to 0.2% in total volume of linear  and vertical growth, thus pulling the model apart while setting)

• Stable metal pin system with 2 rows of staggered pin holes

• Tapered stability rail 1 on the tray bed floor increases retention and ensures there is no rotation or vertical movement of the working die

• Smaller diameter pins for small anterior teeth 2

• Posterior vertical stop rods 3 provide support for free-end cases

• The alignment pin / pinhole locater 4 allows precise pinhole selection (See manual for detailed method)


Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsSilver pinWall-less, Medium32. Fast, Easy & Simple Model Creation


• Streamlined model making process - less steps and less time than conventional methods

• No pin drilling

• Eliminates the stone base pour

• No separate hinge to glue

• Open pallet design - drastically reduce trimming time

• Closed Bite Auto Articulation takes the bite just as the doctor

delivered or allows the technician to manually set the bite without the use of glue


Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsBrass pinWall, Medium size tray3. Efficiency


• Light weight - less stress on the ceramist’s hands & reduced shipping costs

• Unobstructed lingual view of the model

• Standard length metal pin offers easy handling of the working die

• Opposing model removes easily for cleaning / trimming

Hinge Movement

Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators1. Centric Occlusion


As stable as metal articulators...

The Artimax Hinge is able to maintain and repeat an accurate centric stop position just like metal articulators.


Centric occlusion is the centered contact position of the chewing occlusal surfaces of mandibular teeth on the chewing surfaces of the maxillary teeth.


The fact that the built-in hinge eliminates the use of harmful glue and streamlines the whole model and die process is a simple understatement for Artimax. Not every built-in hinge is created equal. The joint area of the Artimax hinge is completely unique and stable. It is the only plastic articulator in the market with a sturdy and reliable built-in hinge. Plus, this sturdy built-in hinge plays a pivotal role in reproducing the exact bite the doctor provided (with Closed Bite Auto Articulation Technique ) and in securing and maintaining the accurate occlusal relationship between upper and lower teeth from start to finish.


Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsAdded Stability - Full arch hinge is wider and stiffer than Quad tray


2. Natural Linear Protrusive movement

As Natural as Mandible Motion...

It's all in the hinge!


The Artimax hinge is RIGID & STABLE yet FLEXIBLE enough to accurately replicate the mandible motion

It offers great Linear Protrusive & Retrusive movements

 1) without strain on the technicians hands

 2) without locking or unlocking the hinges

The stable hinge always returns to its perfect centric position


Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsFull Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsCentric PositionLinear ProtrusiveMovementsLinear RetrusiveMovements

Artimax allows you to accomplish:


• Natural linear protrusive movements

• Following the wear marks of the opposing teeth in the most natural way

• Reproducing the cuspid rise

• Anterior edge-to-edge movements


3. Rotating Natural Excursions

Artimax would like to reproduce chewing motion of human jaw as naturally


1) As the mandible moves to the side, the cusps and incisal edges of the opposing teeth must clear one another. That is, mandible opens, at least slightly, to make a movement.

2) The working side condyle A rotates in its fossa.

3) The balancing side condyle B translates forward and medially down its eminence 1, and produces a protrusion of the balancing side. It also follows a limited arc of travel around the working condyle.

4) There is a total shift (sideshift, Bennette movement) of the mandible and its condyles toward the working side C. Two fundamental kinds of sideshift, progressive and immediate, can occur.

Progressive sideshift is characterized by the working condyle rotating 2 and moving laterally 3;

while the balancing condyle moves forward and medially all as a single integrated movement.

Immediate sideshift takes place prior to the working condyle's rotation or the balancing condyle's translation.

It occurs immediately prior to the occurance of progressive sideshift once the lateral excursion begins.

Sideshifts of the mandibel take different directions of travel from person to person, and sometimes from

right to left sides in the same person.

Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental ArticulatorsArtimax allows you to accomplish:Lateral madibular motion

Hinge Motion

Does your hinge give you all the motion you want?

Without causing too much stress on your hands, or without having to lock or unlock the hinges?

Allows you to keep rotating natural excursions without using any force while still keeping case rigid

The built-in hinge allows stress of lateral & protrusive movements without any separation as adhesive brands do

Very stable built-in hinge eliminates glue and remains very solid throughout the whole process

Full Arch Trays - Artimax Dental Articulators

Artimax New Full arch system uses smaller diameter pins for better accuracy especially for small anterior teeth

Natural linear protrusive & retrusive movement like that of a human jaw allowing a maximum of 8-9 mm for anterior edge-to-edge movements

Gives you the accurate & stable centric occlusion like that of metal articulators even after numerous motions

Easily allows ceramists to follow the wear marks of the opposing teeth in the most natural way without even losing any stability

Vertical stop rod offers maximum stability and occlusion accuracy for free-end cases

Plastic legs allow quick bite adjustment (Heat & reset within 1 min) with the Artimax heat gun, leaving no black marks or bubbles

Hinge never pops open while attempting to make wide lateral movements or trying to follow the wear marks during the excursion movements

Longer and more flexible neck than conventional hinges provides linear protrusive & retrusive movement as a normal function of the mouth and jaw

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6Hinge Motion

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