Pre-shaded Multi with Smart Incisal


  Multi Chroma and Blue Incisal Enhancer Features Incorporated Into One Disc

  Anterior Translucency* (STML)

  Posterior Strength

Anterior Translucency with High Posterior Strength


1. High Performance - Full Strength, Super Translucency


Ideal for Both Anterior & Posterior


Beyond+ Multi-layered discs have a high flexural strength AND anterior-level translucency that is comparable to, or exceeds the leading brands. Single crowns and bridge cases can be milled from the same disc, eliminating the need to inventory and manage separate discs for both posterior and anterior indications.


Beyond+ Multi-layered discs have higher chroma in the cervical / body area and decreasing chroma towards the incisal area, offering the most efficient production speed combined with the natural look found in the shade tab. Each disc will give you the exact shade after simply milling and sintering. In addition, the incisal blue gray effect has been incorporated on the top 1/3 area of the disc to reduce the white L* value and Present the natural tooth blueish grayish translucency.  (Patented Technology)


2. Multi Chroma & Blue Incisal Enhancer Features Incorporated Into One Disc


Beyond+ Multi-layered with Smart Incisal Discs Provide:

  • Higher chroma in the cervical / body area
  • Decreasing chroma towards the incisal area

Exact Shades – Simply Mill & Sinter

Patented Smart Incisal technology incorporated in the top 1/3 area of the disc.

  • Reduces the White L* value


3. Available Shades

A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, C1, C2, D2, D3

Coloring liquids are used on the pre-shaded discs to get the remaining 6 uncommon shades (A4, B3, B4, C3, C4, D4)


4. Highest Performing Multi-layered Zirconia with Anterior Translucency

  • Efficient production speed
  • A natural look comparable to the shade tab
  • Mimics the natural tooth’s blueish gray translucency

* Total Light Transmittance level: minimum 47% at 600 nm wavelength, PerkinElmer Lambda 35 UV/VIS Spectrometer, Evaluated with raw material (white color),

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